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The HTTP Debugger is an http tool from Our http tool enables real-time capturing of the http traffic (including https), allowing analyzing, debugging and diagnosing any web traffic. The http tool supports all software and works will all browsers and email clients, including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Outlook, Outlook Express etc. The http tool traces http header values, http content, cookies, query strings, post data, http request and http response stream, redirections and other data.

Our http tool is a powerful http monitor solution which is able to detect changes in all kinds of internet resources. The http tool constantly tracks the protocol allowing monitoring all activities and changes that occur. In addition to its powerful monitoring, the http tool can check the file size, store date or other properties, and show the actual content of web pages, or their fragments.

The well-considered intuitive user interface, dialogs, features and help hints of our http tool make this compound application easy-to-use even for novice users. Using the http tool from you'll be always in-touch with the web without wasting time on routine checking.

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  • Utilize http tool for viewing simultaneously in Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera.
  • Utilize http tool for viewing complete website statistics in the comprehensive form of charts and graphs.
  • Utilize http tool for SOAP messages sent and received by System Services.
  • Utilize http tool for viewing browser requests and server responses.
  • Utilize http tool for viewing headers, query string, cookies, error codes and POST parameters.
  • Utilize http tool supporting HTTPS, compression, redirection and chunked encoding.
  • Proxy settings change is not required.
http tool
http tool   http tool

http tool http tool http tool

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The variety of instruments allows you to tune the http tool for your convenience. While scanning all http protocol activities you can use the http tool to Save and Restore Sessions, which enables http traffic logging.

The http tool monitors web pages (static and dynamical), text and binary files which are accessed via the HTTP and HTTPS protocols.

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Supports 32/64-Bit versions of Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, HTTPS/SSL secure transactions and Dial-up/DSL/ISDN/Cable/LAN connections.

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