Debug HTTP API calls to a back-end and between back-ends

Easy to use, clean UI, and short ramp-up time
Not a proxy, no network issues!

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HTTP Debugger

HTTP Debugger is used in thousands of companies around the World

See HTTP traffic - HTTP Debugger

Not a proxy, no network issues!

Doesn't change the browser's configuration for the proxy. Can display proxy-connected traffic.

Debug HTTP calls to HTTP API endpoints

Isolate and fix performance bottlenecks

Detect and eliminate security issues

What our customers say

"I do a lot of web development and your tool is much easy to use than others and it does not use the pcap library. I liked the simplicity and the Excel export capacity of HTTP Debugger."
John Eischen,
  Senior Consultant,
  Piacenza Area, Italy
"HTTP Debugger made the whole process of identifying problems with code easier. Very useful for testing my app's http web requests, particularly useful when debugging OAuth."
Rhys Campbell,
  DBA at Swiss Telecoms Company,
  Bern, Switzerland
"I use HTTP Debugger to test microcontrollers communicating within an IoT architecture. It enabled me to test what a packet should look like when accessing REST API service. Best of luck with your cool product."
Glenn Vassallo,
  CTO at SmartShepherd | AgTech,
  Sydney, Australia
HTTP Debugger

Edit and resubmit HTTP sessions

Edit and resubmit tweaked HTTP sessions back to your server, test/detect security problems in your code.

Identify integration issues

Identify and eliminate integration issues with third-party systems. Troubleshoot weird situations, such as undocumented features and bugs while accessing these services.

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Fix performance issues

Accurately measure the network performance of your application. Isolate and fix performance bottlenecks.

Investigate performance issues - HTTP Debugger

Detect Security issues - HTTP Sniffer

Detect security problems

Detect security problems in your code like fake authentication, unauthorized data API query or cross user data query.

Decrypt SSL traffic from any app

With our HTTP sniffer you can decrypt SSL traffic virtually from any browser or desktop application including Android emulators, .NET and JAVA applications.

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Modify traffic - HTTP Analyzer

Modify HTTP traffic on-the-fly

Automatically respond to requests, simulate server responses, add/remove HTTP headers and change HTTP content.

Export to Excel or JSON/XML/CSV

Export data from HTTP analyzer to Microsoft Excel, or to JSON, XML, TXT, CSV formats for future analysis in external applications.

HTTP Analyzer

HTTP Analyzer

Debug issues remotely

Users may use the Free Express version of our packet sniffer to reproduce issues locally and send session files to you.