Debug HTTP API calls to a backend and between backend services. Easy installation, clean UI and short ramp-up time.

HTTP Sniffer
 HTTP Sniffer

Debug HTTP Traffic

See what's going in/out for your web app. Debug calls to the backend.

Performance Tuning

Investigate performance problems that come up with your website or app.

Security Testing

Resubmit modified sessions to backend, to test and detect security problems.

Decrypt SSL

Decrypt SSL traffic from browsers, desktop apps and Android emulators.

HTTP Session Manipulation

Edit server responses, simulate server erros and redirect connections.

Export to Excel, JSON or CSV

Export data to Microsoft Excel, JSON, XML, TXT and CSV formats.

HTTP Debugger API

With HTTP Debugger API you can view and analyze the HTTP traffic directly in your application in C#, Java, C++, PowerShell or Node.js; or log the HTTP traffic to the disk and analyze it in HTTP Debugger UI.

Read more about HTTP Debugger API.

C# Sample

static void Main(string[] args)
  var api = new HttpDebuggerApi();
  api.OnRequestHeader += (id, url, header, ...) =>
    Console.WriteLine("New request: url: {0}", url);

PowerShell Sample

$api = New-Object -ComObject HttpDebugger.Api
$res = $api.StartLogger("C:\Tmp\Logs")
$ie = New-Object -ComObject InternetExplorer.Application
$ie.Visible = $true;

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HTTP Sniffer