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Ultimate proxy-less http sniffer and analyzer for developers and administrators working with all browsers; custom apps; and mobile phone emulators. HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer

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HTTP Debugger is used in thousands of companies around the World, including:

 HTTP Sniffer and Analyzer

Works With All
Browsers and Apps

Supports Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and custom apps written in C++, C# and Java.

Modify HTTP
Traffic On-The-Fly

Modify HTTP sessions, redirect TCP/IP connections, simulate server responses and server erros.

Decrypt SSL

Decrypts HTTPS traffic from browsers, custom applications and Android emulators.

HTTP Traffic

Visualize HTTP traffic in a comprehensible form of charts and diagrams. Create detailed reports. Export to MS Excel.

Android Emulator

View and analyze http traffic from Android emulators and Android Studio virtual devices (AVDs).

Free Log

Receive log files from your users with free Express version and analyze these logs in Full version on your computer.

HTTP Debugger API

HTTP Debugger API allows to view and analyze the HTTP traffic directly from your applications in C++, C# and Java, and control HTTP Debugger from automation scripts like PowerShell, JavaScript/NodeJS, etc.

Sample PowerShell Script

  $api = New-Object -ComObject HttpDebugger.Api
  $res = $api.StartLogger("C:\Tmp\Logs")
  $ie = New-Object -ComObject InternetExplorer.Application
  $ie.Visible = $true;